Kyoko Honda is a specialist in jewelry design and hand craftsmanship in silver and gold, using precious and semi-precious stones.  Her work has a timeless classicism, which makes it blend with many situations and fashions, but it retains a unique character and personality that distinguishes it from most retail jewelry.
Kyoko began her career with a degree in art and design in Japan.  Her sense of aesthetics was also influenced by study of Ikebana (Japanese Floral arrangement) and Chanoyu (Green Tea ceremony) and she is a qualified teacher in each of these classic arts.  She has also worked in graphic design, textile pattern creation, and new media design; all of which have fueled her creative resources and honed her fine sense of color balance and composition.
Kyoko creates her rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in her NYC studio, her works can be seen in Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog and many other retailers in USA as well as overseas.