• A single missing earring happens sometimes. We will replace one for half the cost of a pair.  Given variations in gemstones and parts over time, we'd always prefer that you send us the remaining earring so we can match it as best we can, and clean it so it matches the replacement as best we can.
  • We ONLY repair our own jewelry, and may not be able to repair older items.
  • Please notify us before sending the item, ideally with a photograph to help identify the item and the issue.
  • Include all parts, including paired earrings so we can match them properly when you send the item.
  • We can clean and re-polish our items for a reasonable price, but silver and gold fill items will permanently tarnish over time. 

Approximate prices for common repairs

Item  Silver / Goldfill 14K / 18k gold
Reconnect necklace wire with stone intact $5 $5
Reconnect + Replace Stone $5 up $10 up
Chain Replacement (priced by length req.) $5 up $10 up
Spring Ring Clasp Replace (S) $5 $10
Spring Ring Clasp Replace (M) $7 varies
Spring Ring Clasp Replace (L) $10 varies
Soldering single location  $5  (g.f. N/A) $15


Return shipping $10 (USPS priority with insurance). Other options at cost. 

As always, contact us directly if you have any questions - we pride ourselves on personal care and customer satisfaction. Beyond general policy, we handle cases on an individual basis and will respond within a few days at most.